Friday, May 26, 2006

In my humble opinion...

First of all, you can never...EVER, trust critics. In particular, movie critics. I am sure there are 20 billion arguments that could be presented and argued in their favor, based on god knows what. In any case, experience dictates that I just don't necessarily see movies the way they do. So yes, I don't trust critics because I like to be able to create my own, non-biased opinion. I'm entitled to my opinion after all. And it just happened again tonight with "The Code".

I am not a conspiracy fanatic, as a matter of fact; I try really hard not to be a fanatic about anything. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. The reason I liked The DaVinci Code, was not because I necessarily believe that this fiction is plausible. I liked the book because it was a good read. It entertained me, quiet a bit. Did it spark a doubt in my mind about the veracity of its plot? Well... maybe it made me wonder a thing or 2, but I am not willing to change my views solely based on the fictional work of a relatively new author.

The movie, in my humble opinion, is a really good depiction of the book. The book is not a thriller by a long shot. The book, as I recall it, is pretty much a succession of events. Plain and simple. The cool factor is the meticulously woven plot. And the movie, in my eyes, delivered just that.

Many things can be argued about this book, its subject and the movie. I am for now just saying that I (again) do not agree with critics. I liked it. I thought it was true to the book. Maybe one of the very few films in the last few years able to honor a book, just like LOTR's did (to a whole different extent of course).

Do I have an opinion about the ridiculous and boisterous religious reactions to the movie? (not only from roman catholics, but from organized religious institutions in general) Of course I do, I think it's just that. Ridiculous. Why blow up a movie into such a big deal? What's all the fuss about? It's a F I C T I O N!!!! Geez.... Sometimes you really need to pick your battles people...

Being offended by every single thing that crosses your path or contradicts you in any way is such a waste of time... It almost makes it look like you suffer from an inferiority/paranoid complex of some kind... Unless of course, you are complaining because the "fiction" rings a bit too much like a possible truth... I guess we will never know.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Unexpected Visitors

California's wildlife still amazes me. These 2 were right outside my apt. today... chilling in the courtyard.